Project brief

Idea Overview

Connect SaleForce with WooCommerce

  1. Client has a membership with 3k members. The members information – contact and rebates are stored and updated in a SalesForce account. 
  2. Client wants members to able to login to a website/PWA app to review their info (mainly rebates) 

Our Solution

  1. Use WooCommerce for the membership site
  2. Member is WooCommerce Customer
  3. Connect SalesForce with the WooCommerce site – api, zapier or 
  4. Store member info from SaleForce in WooCommerce customer meta data
  5. Create WordPress shortcode to display users Rebates 
  6. Format Rebate data into quarters – see below


  1. Use WooCommerce for the membership site
  2. WooCommerce Customer Username has to be the – members HRA#
  3. When member is created in SalesForce –  it creates WooCommerce customer in website
  4. When member info (mapped info) is updated in SaleForce its updated in WooCommerce Site
  5. Member can access their Rebates – quarterly